Knowing Woman:
Nurturing the Feminine Soul
by Jo Mills Garceau iUniverse

"...soul messages are the heart and soul of who we are."

At eight years old, if you heard an inner voice saying, "You are gifted, but not for yourself. You must help millions of people," would you believe it? Garceau believes this message came from her soul, and she never forgot it. Her journey took her down myriad paths, including diverse esoteric studies. Even after meeting goals in the ways her generation dictated, she was often depressed, and answering her soul's mission eluded her.

Garceau's book unfolds in three sections. Beginning with her childhood to present day, it includes marriage and motherhood experiences, as well as political opportunities culminating in her position as the first woman cabinet director in the state of Washington. Though listed in Who's Who of American Women, the author wasn't satisfied with worldly success, and began an intense spiritual quest in her forties, continuing into her seventies.

As the search unfolds the author relates stories from her years as assistant minister at Ananda Spiritual Community, and pilgrimages to Israel and India where she visited the sites of masters. While visiting Yogananda's guru Yukteswar's grave, she received an enlightening impartation. "All your pain, All your grief, All your sorrows, All the effort of a lifetime, Never really happened."

Finally, Workbook for the Soul teaches six meditation forms, along with a series of questions for self-reflection. Her visionary experiences celebrate the Divine Feminine, especially as it relates to God as The Unchangeable and as changeable, manifested form. Garceau's book rewards the reader with an intimate, honest story of her soul's incredible journey. Note: This book was an Eric Hoffer Book Award finalist.

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