Lamellia: The Wizard in the Forest
by Gloria D. Gonsalves
AuthorHouse UK

"I will fly high to the sky
where nobody hears me cry
and ask so many questions why."

Lamellia is a kingdom of mushrooms, and Tiara, an Amanitan mushroom, is a princess there. In the past, Tiara had been adopted as a human child, but the forest of Eucalyptia cured her and transformed her back into a mushroom. When Tiara meets some Little Brown Mushrooms, she learns that their friend is missing and may be in the Greener Forest, a place from which no one has ever returned. The Greener Forest is ruled by Evilia, an evil wizard. As Tiara ventures into the evil wizard’s territory, she faces great danger. However, she may also be able to learn the truth about why her mother was imprisoned for causing her sickness and weakening the other mushrooms. Courageous and kind, Tiara leads a potentially dangerous quest to face an unknown foe, learning more about herself and her family in the process.

This book is an elegant fairy tale that unfolds through a gently told story. Complimented by whimsically beautiful illustrations, the text takes the reader on a lovely journey through this imaginary world. Evil wizards, enchanted forests, royalty, and magical songs weave an engaging story for young readers. This is an appealing tale that flows well from one chapter to the next and features many colorful and lovely illustrations to capture key moments. Gonsalves has also included messages of kindness, helping others, and facing your fears that will resonate with the intended audience. This charming fairy tale will enchant young readers with its elegant illustrations, engaging plot, and vibrant messages. Children are sure to enjoy this voyage through the magical kingdom of mushrooms and the journey of their kind princess.

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