The Last Sunset
by Daniel Jay Paul
Sunlight communications Arts

"Is it the wisdom of the ages or the knowledge of the aged that we revere? And in the end is it death or undying love that prevails?"

This story of youth and aging sweeps into the waves of youthful adventure, loves passion, and the sorrow of ages. The characters in this Sutton's Bay, Michigan story have personalities to immediately either love or hate. Its easy to forget that they aren't your neighbors.
Steve Hadley's pursuit of lovely but shy Dawn McNally, takes spins through time and adventures. A college prank led him to do 1000 hours of community service at the Pioneer Manor Nursing Home, where he met Dawn and her scathing brother-in-law Barton Hackett (the hospital administrator} and his beaten down wife Nancy.
The very senior Moses Baily is there as well, and he has a last wish to watch the sun set over the ocean. Baily's wife Sara, had given him so many passionate years of loving memories, especially on the beach at sunset, that the 88 year old wanted to be lost in his memories of being the great painter and sailor he was during Saras lifetime. "Moses's face was still warm from the sunset, a smile of joy fell upon it at the feel of the sand beneath him."
Paul shows strength and courage in taking on the venue of a nursing home setting and bringing new life to it. Weaving some of his characters back and forth through time. he keeps the mind of the reader engaged. His gripping narrative—explosive personalities of his characters—excites the senses and leaves you drained. He is truly a new author, who will be in the literary circle for a long time.

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