Late Starter
by Robert Ferguson
AuthorHouse UK

"Will they have time to enjoy a brief journey,
And return reluctantly, as I did,
At the call of a gentle friend?"

In what Ferguson calls “a picture book in words,” his new collection of poems is replete with vivid imagery, diction, and musical rhythm that appreciates the wonders and mysteries of life. They draw upon the influences of his upbringing, musical training, and fondness for classical English poetry. He touches upon fundamental subjects and ruminates on matters of world events, travel, theology, nature, and humanity.

Broken into four sections, Ferguson provides an interpretation for each in his introduction, appropriately piecing together related poems within each section. Notable poems include “Sequential Life,” which remarks on the changing seasons and cycle of life. “Caravaggio” observes the art and tumultuous life of the revered painter. “The Visiting Dragon” is a haunting speculation of the comings and goings of a mythical creature. “Doubt and Faith” ponders the juxtapositions of disbeliefs and beliefs of key figures in the Bible. Finally, “And Next..?” is a lament on the insecurity we live within a post-9/11 world.

These writings demonstrate a wide range of keen observations by the poet. They are nostalgic and personal, with some that are culled from the memories of others. All of them convey emotions and truths that will impact the reader in some way. While Ferguson admits that poetry is written for personal reasons, he also notes the “innately human need to communicate.” Here, he communicates from a life of rich experiences, both sad and joyous, with a seasoned voice that captivates, and at times challenges, the reader. It will leave you remembering them long after you finish.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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