"...I want people to learn that if they stop procrastinating and step into their destiny, they will have all they may ever want in life."

When you procrastinate, you are lying to yourself, is the message of Toney, a licensed professional counselor and speaker with more than a dozen years of experience. Not just a book on how to get things done, this slim volume views procrastination as a lifestyle and, with electric enthusiasm, shows how to reframe situations and incidents, using language that charges and inspires as it educates.

Twelve chapters provide worksheets and lists that mine the emotional and spiritual source of procrastination. Do you feel unworthy? Are you missing the why of a task (motivation) because you are tangled up in the how (implementation)? Are you letting others define who you are? Pointed exercises blast through the murk and show the powerful connection between helping others and helping yourself. Toney's honest, sincere and helpful advice overrides rookie proofreading and writing glitches.

Toney shines when he hot-wires his admirable philosophy of life with ways to zap procrastination: Be good to others because people like helping nice people; creatively use what you have to complete a task and don't fret about what you don't have; spend time alone getting to know who you are so that you can make conscious decisions; don't replace faith in self with fear; associate with people who uplift you; and ask others who admire you how they can help you to the next level.

Inspiration and joy dance in the words of this practical and philosophic guide to overcoming procrastination. Toney electrifies the human connection between procrastination and the psyche and shows how to reroute it to become a better human being. His message of do it now and have faith in yourself because you have all you need inside to make your world a better place shows his skills as a counselor and coach.

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