Legacy of Triaegis: The Legacy Compendium
by Shawn Holladay
Trafford Publishing

"The warrior, without looking, sent a massive boulder flying right at him, taking the fireball with it. The mage's eyes got bigger than a fruit when he saw it coming, but he was too slow to avoid it."

As bestselling series such as The Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones prove, the heroic fantasy subgenre of fantasy literature that first emerged with the writings of pulp writer Robert E. Howard in the early twentieth century still captivates our imaginations today. A common device in such novels is to feature a weak or seemingly ordinary protagonist who through time is revealed to be a powerful asset in a large, often world-changing conflict. True to this tradition, the author introduces the reader to Kya, a young girl and thief who is rescued from a trip to prison by a knight of the Order of the Last Sentinel and recruited to join an epic fight against evil forces.

In comparison to massive and deadly male warriors such as the mysterious Xaddjyk, or even female fighters such as the spear-toting Kara, Kya at first seems completely unsuitable for battle. Still, her natural quickness helps her hold her own against bandits and marauders. However, like Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit, her quick mind, intuition, and ability to see solutions to problems such as how to sneak in to a castle under siege make her an even more valuable resource for the forces of good. But will Kya and her companions be strong enough to combat whatever darkness is behind the increasing chaos and lawlessness that is sweeping their world? Holladay's debut novel is enjoyable and engaging, despite some issues with editing and the use of occasionally anachronistic dialogue. On a whole, this fast-paced tale is a fun read and a good beginning to a new series.

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