A Leprechaun's Lament
by Wayne Zurl
Iconic Publishing

"Those who some see as the worst, are heroes to their families and the people they represent. Those seen as the best by others, are monsters to the people they oppose."

When routine Homeland Security funded background checks of all police department civilans take a mysterious turn, Sam Jenkins finds himself caught up in a case the likes of which he thought he hasn't seen since trading his New York detective badge for the simple life of Prospect Tennessee Police Chief. Finding one of his investigated employees murdered execution style shakes the small police department to its core, thrusting the two newly appointed sergeants into investigative police work unseen by them before. Finding dead end after dead end in their search to uncover the real identity of someone they had unquestionably worked side by side with for over 30 years is only the beginning of their problems.

The author has created quite the character in Sam Jenkins. His raw wit, flirtatious style, and penchant for police work make him someone the reader wants to hear more from. Obviously well-experienced in law enforcement, the author brings intrigue backed by accurate detail to make this a must-read for any crime/mystery lover. The small-town setting of Prospect, TN is the perfect backdrop to introduce Sam Jenkins, as he attempts to adjust to southern life filled with sweet tea, a narcissistic mayor, and a department full of good ole' boy policemen and women who have likely seen little more than moonshiners and fender-benders in their careers. Twist after twist and the introduction of a little IRA revenge makes this one a page-turner. It's a Sam Jenkins mystery, which is a good thing because it means there are more in the series to keep us in the trenches with Jenkins.

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