"We become accustomed to role models who don’t quite live up to the role they are modeling."

A central idea in this text is that women today inevitably live their lives for and through others. Women, as Ioli points out, often seek in their lives to please others, to prove themselves, and to push themselves to unattainable heights and goals. In fact, this book argues that disappointment, dissatisfaction, and disillusionment have become norms in the lives of modern women, including, and perhaps especially, those who consider themselves happy, productive, and successful. In this volume, Ioli presents a different model for approaching life, focused on intentionality, exuberance, curiosity, and, above all, self-care. Interweaving autobiography with practical advice, she provides a functional toolkit for implementing real change in her readers’ lives through practices like writing, visualization, and creating a personal manifesto.

Ioli has years of experience in leadership and executive coaching, and her background is evident in the clarity and compelling nature of the writing in this volume. Her advice is valuable because it is concrete. Rather than abstract concepts and ideas, Ioli offers step-by-step instructions that literally walk readers along the path to self-transformation. In addition to providing a clear road map for initiating change, this volume also uses personal narrative to both engage readers and illustrate the ideas being discussed. The result is a text that is enjoyable as well as transformative. There are so few self-help texts that give women permission to put themselves first and trust their instincts about who they want to be. Ioli not only grants that permission but shows how it can lead to real and meaningful change for the better.

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