Lick Like a Lesbian
by Wise Cracks

"Even if you don’t have a tongue like a giraffe… we’ll show you how to get the best out of this most stimulating form of lovemaking."

This novelty sex manual describes itself as a "fun but informative guide to perfecting oral sex." Illustrated are ten "much-loved oral sex acts," based on results from a group of "very happy volunteers" who sacrificed evenings of television and going to the pub to produce the information contained herein. Arguing that oral sex is the most "intimate form of lovemaking," the author admits that, for the uninitiated, "staring close-up at somebody else's genitalia" can induce a range of emotions, from fright to humor to beauty to arousal. Chapters on hygiene and safety emphasize cleanliness, mutual respect, and comfort. Techniques presented include The Paper Cut, The Custard Bowl, The Crossroads, The Wheelbarrow, The Cream Donut, Trampolining, The Stamp, The Bishop's Finger, The Chocolate Nut Sundae, and The 69.

The handy reference booklet includes a score sheet, where recommended techniques can be ranked, special notations applied, and miscellaneous observations, "which may be useful in the future." That the writer and illustrator do not take their book too seriously is a strong point. Nevertheless, for couples who truly are interested in moving their lovemaking regimen to a different level, orally or otherwise, an ample supply of helpful hints and encouraging advice should assist any pair of consenting adults to unabashedly welcome a new slew of techniques to their repertoire. Noting in its concluding remarks that the key to any happy sex life is, of course, emotional connection with one's partner, this guide aims to "share the love and respect you have for each other—and then spice that up."

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