Life Enhancement
by Donald Keefauver
Infinity Publishing

"People can be thankful
For the wrong things
Where the enhancement
Of life is concerned"

If your wish is to sit and listen to words of wisdom―minus any tiring voice of a pedagogue―you will enjoy reading this book of over 200 short poems. Like an athlete flexing his muscles, the poet celebrates overcoming the forces of nature. He has perceived life as a fawn whose mother has been killed and experienced the early loss of true love, and yet he pushes forward, wondering how well he will finish the journey.

The gift of insight displayed in each poem nearly makes the reader catch a breath in wonder. Some poems like “If I Dared” question what would happen if one dared to be open or brave and address controversial issues. After all, past knowledge should never hold one back from reaching toward future opportunities. Other poems such as “My Daily Reminder” reflect on the solemnity of life or reveal the delight of nature as in “Earth as My Teacher.” Sometimes, they capture the pure fun of dabbing words down on paper like in the poem “It’s Snowing" or explore the human condition as seen in the poet’s honest parody of male youth called “We Check You Out.”

Readers will come to respect and admire the simplicity of these rhymed stanzas as they discover the depths traversed by the poet to reveal truth and beauty. Even as Keefauver experiences pain, his writing remains uplifting. A late-blooming love sparked his gift for poetry writing. Reminiscent of a well-known English author, the early death of a wife could not steal away this newfound joy. He clearly delights in expressing words of celebration displayed in poetic meter. Like an Olympic athlete, the poet’s creative genius and mastery of flow earn him high marks. This combination can only be enhanced when he stretches toward ‘sticking’ the perfect end for each poem, as well.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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