Life Simply Put:
18 Simple Words for an Abundant Life
by Sheena L. Smith Trafford Publishing

"You are responsible for your own happiness. Make choices that will honor your spirit and bring you joy."

Sheena L. Smith is a woman who clearly views the proverbial glass as half full. Her book, Life Simply Put, is a charming, inspirational work that focuses on the pursuit of happiness. Here, Smith highlights 18 words whose essence she asserts, when considered in our daily lives, can ultimately translate to balance and fulfillment.

In this book of life affirmations, the author's advice and suggestions range from concepts of living life to the fullest, counting your blessings, following your instincts, living in the now, and to "Dream big!" Smith's effort is a quick read, but more appropriately it serves as a small volume to page through slowly, revisit the word choices, and reflect on the positive life influences they enumerate. While words like faith, hope, and gratitude might be expected, more surprising is the push behind words like play, adventure, and grace that Smith emphasizes as integral elements for achieving life's best.

Candid photographs provide visual translations, while inspirational quotes correspond with the word selections. From a golden sunrise to a fiery orange sunset, nuzzling pups to thrill-seeking skydivers, family snapshots and colorful images of world travel, each suggests a note of tranquility or exuberance. These life affirmations are creatively bolstered by Native American proverbs, literary quotes, and celebrity voices adding words for reflective thought.

While Smith's words are simple, they are truly powerful. Readers will be challenged to consider their application in terms of positive self transformation. For those looking for further encouragement, the author kindly offers a reading list that includes several titles from Hay House, a well-known publisher of books that focus on well-being, inspiration, and personal growth.

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