Life Your Way
by Amy Wood
Modern Sage Press

"Whatever you want to do
deep down at this moment,
wherever you happen to be,
shake off whatever is distracting you,
imagine your outcome,
and go for it."

Life Your Way by Amy Wood is the "real deal," an authentic self-help book with an inviting professional style that is indubitably inspiring and downright rational—a pearl of practical wisdom among the swells of personal transformation writings flooding the information age. Furthermore, Wood's personable tone, knack for story-telling, and succinct writing techniques are the perfect canvas for her educational background and trained experience as a psychologist with a deep understanding of human nature. In addition to her engaging composite representations of the "real life" obstacles she has helped her clients navigate, every chapter of her energized narrative is accompanied by actionable advice—via her "Apply the Wisdom" bullet points. No doubt, time-deprived readers seeking personal improvement are weary of yet another self-help book, yet another road map to self-realization that leads to nowhere. But, it will take readers no longer than the first chapter of Life Your Way to see that Wood delivers on her introductory promise...

By the time you close this book, you will have established specific expectations, goals, standards, and strategies for your continued growth and development that are simultaneously energizing, workable, and fit for the times.

Wood adds an abundance of clarity to the reality that making lasting changes in our lives is hard—always has been, and has only grown harder in our recent time of seemingly endless choices. And the conflict between our rational and emotional mindsets is addressed head on in Life Your Way with Wood's wisdom, practically and a dash of grace. Even readers that have deemed themselves immune to self-improvement as a consequence of their overindulgence in failed quick-fix approaches to establishing a healthy sense of well-being are sure to achieve dramatic results with Wood's fresh perspective, sage advice ,and practical tips. A truly empowering book!

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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