Life in General
by Trish W.

"My heart is heavy with despair, and yet another day will dawn
tomorrow and it will be the same."

Life is often a difficult endeavor, as Trish W. so eloquently depicts in her beautifully rendered poems. Despite how wonderful they may be at times, our relationships, our careers, and our sense of worth can weigh us down with regret, loss, and unfulfilled dreams. The very things that hold so much joy, twisted in the wrong light can not only hurt us, but can tear us apart. Family and love whither into ash and we are left with holes and scars, and finally, we are wrapped in despair. Yet no matter how much pain we endure, we do not have to be lost. Trish W. aspires to create a collection of poems to help others tattered from life's sorrows. She reminds us that on the other side of the coin lies hope and possibility. Our lives are but a series of moments: some good, some bad. And while we may not always be able to choose our circumstances, we can choose always to look forward and to strive for something better and brighter.

Each poem shines a light on the darkness in humanity, illuminating the struggle through the cold and its eventual thaw. Trish advises her readers to believe in themselves. In the hardest of times, it is imperative to remember the strength that lies within one's self. While some of the poems remind us of life's hardships and difficulties, many of them also encourage us to never surrender, to be kind to ourselves, and to believe in our own strength and our own sense of purpose. Because, as these poems illustrate, anything is possible if we only believe it so.

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