Lilbeebye Stings Bully
by Theresa Shields

"'I need you to take care of some bullies in my class!'"

Lilbeebye is a little girl with a big superpower. She steps into her costume and becomes Super Honey Girl. She shoots her sweetness into bullies, and they are changed forever. The author writes, "She started with the first bully in the class... and stings honey love right into their hearts."

The book has a simple plot for young readers, but the underlying point that kids can change the attitudes of their peers is served up brightly and imaginatively. Beyond having an important message, the book is illustrated in bright colors. Each page is bright and sweet, perfect for its target audience of children pre-kindergarten through second grade. The hero, Lilbeebye, is brown-skinned with dark, curly hair and not the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Barbie-type of so many children's stories. She is the picture of inner strength, self-assuredness, and loyalty. Lilbeebye is the friend that every child wants to have and that every child hopefully wants to be. She emphasizes that "If we can spread honey-love around or love each other as much as we love food, this world would be a better place to live."

The reading might prove challenging for an early reader, but advanced students should be able to read it for themselves. And every child in class will undoubtedly be enthralled if their teacher reads it aloud. Full of action and magic, the story is delightful, with a marvelous message that is clear and timely: bullying can't be tolerated, and we can kill it with kindness. Shield's engaging book is likely to become a favorite for many young readers.

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