Lily Lives On Mount Rainier
by Arley M. Fosburgh

"He had an edge she didn’t yet grasp as though he lived in a realm apart from the boundaries of human influence."

In the shadow of Mount Rainier, an unusual young boy with a photographic memory lives with his grandmother. Only four years old, Sandy has a love of flowers and a penchant for quoting classical literature. Particularly, he loves one flower, a lily he considers to be his best friend. Lily is Sandy’s constant companion and confidant, and when the precocious boy discovers she hails from nearby Mount Rainier, he becomes obsessed with visiting the mountain. Unfortunately, Sandy is plagued with allergies, and though his heart longs for the mountain, his absent and emotionally distant parents refuse to allow him to visit the mountain. When his grandmother is unexpectedly called away, Sandy stays with Rebecca, an old family friend, who loves flowers as much as he does, and it seems there may be a chance for him to visit Mount Rainier. However, forces seem to work against Sandy, and it seems that he may never get his wish. With winter close at hand, will he be granted permission in time?

Fosburgh’s delightful yet heart-wrenching novel is centered around a memorable young boy and the flower he claims as his friend. At four years of age, Sandy accepts as a matter of fact that wishes don’t come true and that his mother doesn’t like him. Though highly intelligent, there is an endearing vulnerability in this character as delicate as the mountain flowers he loves. The author’s use of magical realism lends a bit of whimsy to a work which otherwise might be overwhelming tragic. This is a wonderfully written novel with intriguing characters, plot, and setting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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