Little Billy and the Birds
by T. Steele Petry

"Little Billy loved birds. He was lucky enough to live close to fields, forests and lakes where many interesting and beautiful birds lived and played."

Little Billy takes a trip to visit nearby birds in this delightful rhyming story. The book features specific birds by their species or family names, such as the pileated woodpecker and the nuthatch, along with facts about what they eat, key characteristics, and/or habits. There is a lot to learn in this entertaining picture book about nine different bird types.

The book features text in a large font on one side of the page spread and a beautiful painting of the bird described on the other side. The illustrations look as though they were originally painted on canvas and allow children to enjoy the lovely artwork at the same time as they learn about the birds. This book is visually very pleasing. In particular, the image featuring the mother and daughter loon is sure to be a hit with young readers who will enjoy seeing the baby animal with its parent. The large font makes this book easy to read aloud, as well as for budding readers who can follow along with the story. The length is great for young children who will enjoy learning about the different birds as they also enjoy the images. The rhyming nature of the story is also pleasing to hear and makes this a fun book to read aloud and listen to.

Whether the reader already loves birds, wants to learn more, or just enjoys stories with animals, this is a beautifully illustrated picture book that is both educational and fun. With many birds featured, a rhyming text, and delightful facts, this is a great book to share with young children.

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