Little Dougie and the Dogs
by T. Steele Petry

"Little Dougie loved dogs. Whether big or small; he loved them all!"

Little Dougie takes a trip to the dog park and meets many different types of dogs while he is there. The book introduces the dogs by their species and by their names, providing an entertaining view of many different types of dogs. Little Dougie meets a German shepherd, an English setter, a golden retriever, and many others. The dogs are also pictured alongside their passages, introducing the children to the way they look.

The text is written with rhyming sentences that introduce a great rhythm to the text when read aloud. The font is also large, making it easy to read to young children. Each passage about a dog is accompanied by an illustration that looks like an original painting of each animal. This will appeal to young children who love dogs and fun books. The book also contains some facts about the different dogs, providing a learning opportunity. For instance, children can learn that the Italian Spinone has a strong nose and is a good hunter. Regardless, seeing some of the different dog species is enjoyable and will entertain young readers, who might be able to find their own pets among the many types presented. While all the images are lovely, the painting of the black lab is particularly fun with plenty of colors in the background.

With rhyming text, information about the different species, and lovely illustrations, children will enjoy taking a trip to the dog park with little Dougie. Whether children love dogs in general or have their own beloved canine pet, there is a dog for everyone in this artistic picture book.

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