Little Sally on Safari
by T. Steele Petry

"Little Sally loved her home where she could walk and talk with the animals."

Young readers can join little Sally as she travels around her home in Africa to visit the animals that live there. Unfortunately, along the way, little Sally gets lost, but she knows just who to ask to help her find her way back home. Luckily, Mrs. Giraffe is able to use her high vantage point to locate little Sally’s home and point her in the right direction. The book tracks her journey as little Sally says hello to a lion, elephant, tiger, and several other animals.

Each two-page spread features text in a large font on one page with a large painting of the animal being discussed on the other page. There are plenty of colors to keep the attention of young children, and the text is not too lengthy for little ones, who will also enjoy the rhymes that appear throughout. For children who like animals and exploring, this is a fun picture book. The side plot of Sally getting lost and needing to find her way back home is also engaging. The book can spark discussions about what children should do if they should find themselves in a similar situation. This is an important topic for children, as knowing what do in these situations can be empowering.

Little Sally's fun journey to visit the animals in Africa is sure to spark the imaginations of the author's young readers. With colorful paintings of many animals and a cute story that is easy to read aloud, this is a delightful read for older toddlers and young elementary school children. Additionally, this can be an important discussion starter that can allow parents to teach children about what to do when they are lost.

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