"The truth of the matter is we are all infinite consciousness and one with the eternal Source Creation, irrespective of beliefs."

Author Brown has undertaken a personal exploration of system mentality, showing how we can liberate ourselves from the strictures of religion and other “boxes” and take charge of our lives. Born into a Catholic family in Trinidad and Tobago, Brown came to the United States for education and sports participation. He became immersed in an evangelical Christian viewpoint, but doubts began to surface. As he studied and wrote about the issue of grace, he realized that religions and other systems seek to control our actions through threats and promises. Yet we are all free, conscious beings connected by infinite energy, or Source Creation. To revivify our lives, pull our own strings, and find success, we must listen to our creative inner messages, grasp our distinctive personal powers, and attend our own “awakening party” in which we ascend “from possibility to actuality.” This independent decision can be based on Brown’s mantra: “Live life, love, learn, let live.”

The author, who works in IT, has devised a rational philosophy that takes into account the teachings, and flaws, of the world’s religions. His thinking incorporates such disparate ideas as ancient Sumerian wisdom and very contemporary trends such as the development of artificial intelligence and “smart” technology. He lauds the perseverance, talent, and inspiration of such figures like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey, and invites his readers to awaken, as he has done, to their personal, unique abilities. He conveys his theme with logic along with a touch of refreshing warmth that demonstrates his true wish to share it with his readers. Brown’s credo of autonomous human consciousness—self-created yet connected to all life by an infinite, intelligent entity—will resonate with readers looking for a rational, inclusive way to take charge of their lives outside of commonly accepted, often judgmental, confines.

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