Living Like "This"
by John Clark III

"'Hey dad... About your arm...' 'Okay, Autumn. I don’t know what made you think about that again.... But please, will you forget about it?'"

A mysterious virus poses a massive threat to the prolonged existence of humanity. In short order, a vaccine is developed, but one of the unexpected side effects of that vaccine is the appearance of superhuman abilities in those who receive it. Enmanuel and Autumn Summers are two teenagers who have received the vaccine and now have the ability to manipulate gravity and molecular structure respectively. Together with their friends Lynnwood, Hitomi, and some unexpected allies, they must learn to control their new powers and save the helpless from criminals, terrorists, and shadow organizations looking to consolidate the strength of these new superpowered individuals for their own gain.

This first volume contains the first eleven installments of this action-packed graphic comic adventure, one which originated in 2013 but is for the first time being shared with the masses. The art and storytelling style of these issues blends the comic book format of the West with the Japanese anime style in terms of character appearance, tone, and content. The presence of violent scenes and censored profanity should be a red flag for younger readers, but teenagers and adults that are fans of the format and presentation will enjoy the intensity. The artwork itself is a mixture of bold inked lines and colored pencils that enhance not only the detail but also the depiction of the fast-moving action. As for the story, it provides just enough details to explain what’s happening without going through a long origin story, jumping instead right into dangerous scenes and superheroes engaging in combat. Readers looking for a new take on the classic superhero formula and who enjoy instant gratification when it comes to the storytelling will eat these chapters up.

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