Living in Two Dimensions
by Cindy Kinjo-Hardart

"I am here to guide you in awakening your inner spirit so you can find awareness in what your life lesson is and what you are meant to be doing on earth."

In a New Age book, the author, a medium and spiritual healer, helps others to achieve their highest spiritual awareness. With forty-one chapters wrapped in 99 pages and numerous stories, she teaches about ways to open into levels of psychic awareness, awareness that she notes we all have. Her premise is that the soul/spirit is already within and that one needs to practice to become more intuitive. Chapters include: divine healing from within, spontaneity, energy work, silence, karma, Feng Shui, joy, being unconditional, negative energies, and souls at different levels. Other writings examine flow, life quests, simplicity, dreams, heartaches, synchronicity, spirit possession, pet stories, and Ouija Boards. Final chapters discuss rebirth and karma, ghost encounters, spirit contact and animal guides, incarnating, giving thanks, and her final insights.

An easy-to-master spiritual primer, the book offers basic insights into the dimensions of immanence and transcendence, which she relates as living in a two-dimensional world. As a professional in the field, this adds to her credibility as an author. Some of the chapters are guidelines to help the practitioner on the journey, and there are also stories of others' who have found healing. The most interesting chapters are on synchronicity, pet stories, and ghost contacts. Sometimes, the simplicity of New Age beliefs (i.e.,"FAMILIES... Unconditional love is felt no matter how much you argue and speak your differences.") might be unrealistic for true healing. Although the book lacks a genuine flow, it can be opened at any place, which makes for a quick and convenient read. Kinjo-Hardart offers beginners enough New Age thought to be beneficial in initiating a journey to spiritual awareness.

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