The Longbridge Decision
by Robert M. Brown Jr.
Great Little Books

"Drifting along the crowd's edge he quickly vanished into the shadows. Patrol cars streaked past of the dark street, then minutes later, the Atlanta southbound, minus one passenger."

In the tradition of John Grisham, former attorney Robert M. Brown, Jr. wrote his debut thriller The Lonbridge Decision. The suspense begins immediately and sustains for its five hundred plus pages. The action spans from the fictional right-leaning President Thomas Longbridge as he plans to reverse major laws on abortion, same-sex marriage, and prayer in school and continues through the far right conservative extremist group Christians for a Moral America (CMA).

As three openings suddenly appear on the Supreme Court, vacancies that must be filled in time for the spring session, a partner of a prestigious Wall Street law firm is killed. Tyler Wadill, who comes from a well-off family with a lot of political old money connections, and Mayson Corelli, whose family has Mafia ties, are associate attorneys at the Lieber Allen Law firm in Washington DC. A frame up takes place when prime suspect Mayson, because of her association with organized crime and due to the fact that she was sexually harassed by the deceased, is accused of murdering senior partner Morris Mendelsohn. Mayson and Tyler flee to avoid capture, expose the conspiracy, and solve the crime. The manhunt crisscrosses the country, rife with current legal and political ramifications.

Whether you see the events and characters in this novel as plausible or resembling current events, The Longbridge Decision gives the reader much to consider. Yes, there's a lot to follow in this plot, and the overwhelming nature of the twists freezes the reader at times, but the bigger issues are the Constitutional issues at stake, deftly acted out in the story.

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