Lost & Found
by Taher Adel
AuthorHouse UK

"To the sublime peaks of bliss I climb
On the wings of youth on either side
My mind drifts through splendid seas of certainty"

Intensely emotional and full of vibrant imagery, this volume of poetry uses the need for human love and support in a profound yet ambiguous way. Chronicling selections of the author’s work from his first dabblings in poetry to the present day, much of the work in this book focuses on the relationship between the Almighty and his creations. From exultations of the highest order to pleas for help at the lowest, darkest times, the dialogue between God and man offers a beacon of hope and light under any circumstance in these poems. With over sixty poems to choose from, each one provides a unique point of view, form, and tone that creates a whole spectrum of approaches to mostly the same topic.

One of the most surprising things about this volume is that the use of language is so carefully chosen that without capitalized pronouns or the poet’s note in the introduction it would occasionally be possible to mistake these spiritual reflections with a more romantic form of love. Resembling one of the more prolific varieties of poetry but intending something deeper and perhaps even more personal allows the reader to uncover a hidden layer of meaning rather than taking each verse at face value. Many of the poems are also accompanied with striking illustrations from a handful of different artists, each seeking to capture more of an underlying mood or feeling rather than simply illustrate the text. These poems are rich, bursting with imagery and emotion, and certain to stir the collection’s audience in surprising and personal ways.

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