"When you are so spiritually disconnected to yourself, to your higher power, and to the God within, you become a dry shell."

Growing up as a young girl in a comfortable but strict household in Haiti, Dalton’s self-worth is deeply affected by the lack of affection from her parents. There is even suspicion of domestic violence between them. All of this instills a lifelong struggle within Dalton to find love and happiness with others as she assimilates into American culture, achieves a career in nursing, and marries and divorces men in abusive relationships. Dreams and goals are altered by what Dalton refers to as “wrong turns” on her path through adulthood. Then, after experiencing a spiritual awakening, she discovers a newfound mental and physical strength from the “godly power within” to escape the continuous abuse and a life entrapped by low self-worth.

Writing about the inspirations she found during dark times of her life, Dalton shares her painful, personal story of how she empowered herself with her faith in God to find new purpose and meaning. Hers is a self-help book that serves as both a memoir and support for others facing a similar crisis. What Dalton considers as her humanitarian efforts to help “others to be whole again” is partly attained through this book that is both therapeutic and enlightening. It reads like an autobiography but is structured as a resource book, too. Each chapter ends with guidance questions for discussion and reflection. Also included is a Bonus Workbook of her Three Rs Program with tips and opportunities to help plan a course of action for obtaining a life lived to the fullest. It is a good read for those seeking to better themselves and let go of the fears that otherwise stunt their passage to a higher self and happiness.

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