Love and Immortality:
Long Journey of My Heart
by William Pillow iUniverse

"Suddenly, I recalled a question our grandson had asked almost twelve years earlier when he was six... 'Granddaddy, what if this is not the real world?'"

Pillow considers this fascinating what-if question, through his intensely personal exploration into many uncommon theories and suppositions, leading ultimately to a more expansive and loving Christian perspective.

By presenting myriad esoteric subjects and how they impact our belief systems through brief but potent comments, questions, and quotes, Pillow challenges us to step outside traditional boundaries and live with increasing conscious intention. Life, death, and everything in between comes under his scrutiny. His interests lie in reincarnation, synchronicity, Gnosticism, extra sensory perception, ancient spiritual texts, hypnotic past life regression, xenoglossy, near death experiences, and developing ideas from leading scientists regarding DNA blueprints, electromagnetic energy frequencies, quantum physics, prenatal and cellular memory—a broad-sweeping tour of imprinting and inherent patterns. Pillow quotes many experts, including author Dr. Brian Weiss: "We are indoctrinated with parental, societal, cultural, and religious values and opinions that suppress our inborn knowledge. As we grow up, role models and institutions threaten us with fear, guilt, ridicule, criticism, ostracism, humiliation, and even withdrawal of love if we don't conform."

Love and Immortality is a useful addition in a line of life-affirming, life-directing books emerging at the turn of the century. It rewrites the ancient questions, which we seem to have lost in the modern world, by updating the lexicon and promoting an accessible, intelligent dialogue. Pillow calls his book a journey in imagination and ends with a section on spiritual and theological implications, where he discusses eternal sacred truths, intelligent design, and the intrinsic value of an inner spiritual wellspring that comes from the heart. He advocates focusing on love, forgiveness, giving up judging others, improving interpersonal relationships, letting go of the past, and living in each moment. For those who want to learn more about the intriguing ideas expressed in his book, Pillow provides an extensive bibliography, inviting the reader to join him in exploring the possibilities.

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