Love and Laughter with Spirit: 
Meet the Medium Loraine Rees
by Dr. Mary Ross Lulu

"Whether you are a skeptic, a believer, or a little of both, I hope you enjoy this tiny window into the life and work of a very busy medium."

Dr. Ross has her feet solidly planted on the ground with a master's degree in earth science and a doctorate in tertiary education, and became intrigued by the possibility of contacting those no longer on the earth plane. After several unsatisfying psychic readings, she met Loraine Rees, a respected medium descended from a long line of Irish gypsies with psychic gifts. Within eighteen seconds of a walk-in cold reading that lasted twenty minutes, the author received amazing, verifiable information. Loraine also told Dr. Ross that she should be the one to write a book about her.

Regularly attending psychic fairs and conferences throughout England, Dr. Ross observed Loraine passing along one-of-a-kind messages from the departed, as well as making some uncanny forecasts. Her high level of accuracy combined with a rakishly humorous style kept her audience amused and attentive. The author recorded readings and interviews over a four-year period and her book contains fascinating, verbatim accounts. No stranger to the other side, Loraine describes her two near death experiences with her spirit guide, Ramos, at her side.

Loraine saved the lives of a pregnant client's twin babies, advising her to go to the hospital because they were in grave danger. According to the doctor, had she delayed, the twins would have died. A question and answer chapter at the end of the book provides further insights into a medium's daily life. In Loraine's own words: "I feel it's my job to deliver the messages I am given. What the person does with a message is up to them."

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