The Love of Homer and Gomer
by Mary Sergeant
Trafford Publishing

"Now one day the granddaughter got married and for the bridal bouquets she used great big lollipops."

This title takes a story from the Bible and presents it in such a way that it is easier for children to understand. The Christian boy Homer meets and falls in love with a woman named Gomer who is not religious. After their marriage, the couple give birth to two sons, each who also fall in love respectively with women who are not particularly concerned with faith. Having children of their own, it comes time for a granddaughter of Homer and Gomer's to get married, and she decides to use lollipops as part of her bridal bouquets, saving a special one for her groom-to-be. The family begins to quarrel over who gets to lick the lollipop saved for the groom, and their troubles continue to escalate from there.

With full-page, cartoonish illustrations accompanying each page of text, young readers will be able to follow along with the story even if they are not yet familiar with some of the concepts. Concerned primarily with the importance of faith and structure within the family, the subject matter is better suited for children who are more advanced. Younger children will, however, enjoy the artwork and the silly nature of the metaphors used to present this lesson. The ending of the book transitions naturally into a discussion between adult and child as to the meaning behind the tale, giving ample opportunity to ask and answer any questions that arise. The combination of storytelling and discussion will work to help children take the appropriate lesson away in the end.

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