Magic Bullets
by Jessyca Elayne Allyn

"The body is our weathervane and greatest teacher, telling us through pain and pleasure what is going on within us."

Magic Bullets is a directive guide to a deeper consciousness of our inner resources. In order to meet the challenges in our daily lives, we must question the validity of everything we have taken for granted. This book is a gentle way to do that. It is the kind of book to inspire our yearnings for abundant living.

Curl up with this book during a storm. The storm may be thundering outside the window causing concern for the ones we love. On the other hand, many storms may be experienced as turmoil within our body and soul. During these kinds of suffering we seem to be unable to surmount the obstacles that prevent us from what Allyn affirms is our natural entitlement: peace, bliss and love. When even a blanket and lively fire will not bring warmth, turning our focus on Allyn's inspirational affirmations offers focus, comfort and serenity.

Be enlightened by this book. Its themes and chapters are presented as Stand Alone Truths (SATs). There is no fixed order of reading necessary, for the reader may turn to a subject of interest at will, and not miss a beat.

Keep this book handy on a nightstand. As one releases the cares and responsibilities of each day, it is a lovely reminder to review and focus on the positive foundational principles of life.

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