The Magic Land
by Laurie Davidson
Trafford Publishing

""But now I know where my Magic Land really is," Mara explained. "It’s here... it's this place, this farm.""

Nine-year-old Mara is intelligent, perceptive, and can see a magic land with the golden staircase in the clouds. Davidson's The Magic Land, in and of itself, is a profound metaphor that helps children understand that their magic land can be right in front of them—all they have to do is look. Expertly written, the plot, evocative details, and the character of Mara and Aunt Jo will leave the audience captivated and in awe.

Mara, devastated by the abrupt departure of her father, is horrified at the thought of having to relocate to Aunt Jo's farm. With their mother leaving to Vancouver for further studies, Mara and her five siblings, Katy, David, Ethan, Elfrida, and Seth, are left with Aunt Jo. Interestingly, the siblings request Aunt Jo to allow them to live independently in a house only minutes away from her cabin. The ensuing events take a toll on Mara until she becomes obsessed with the idea of the magic land, "where no one fought or thought bad things." When the children's father unexpectedly returns one day, Mara is elated; however, she overhears her parents planning to split them up, sending her world into a tailspin. One day, Mara feels a strange, cold tingling and constant headaches when suddenly the clouds separate and the golden gates of the magic land appear before her.

More than anything, The Magic Land is a riveting children’s story about life, love, and a feeling of affection and appreciation. In plain words, the author tries to convey to children that though there may be no fantasy magic land, the magic land is your home, where you are wanted and loved by your family. The Magic Land is a touching story for all to read.

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