"She's come in to see what the fuss is about and to tell him to quietly figure it out."

This children's book will have any class of second graders laughing for the rest of the day. It pokes fun at adults, and what child doesn't appreciate that? The main character, Major Grumpy Morning Man, has a hard time getting through his morning routine, and every mishap rattles him. Whether dropping his toothbrush or knocking over his plate, every little problem sends him into another fit. "Well, he screams, he yells, he jumps, he shouts Major Grumpy Morning Man lets it all out." Then, his wife calmly tells him to quietly figure it out.

Almost everyone knows someone who isn't at their best in the morning, so teachers, parents, and children can all relate to the main character and smile at his ridiculousness. Because Morning Man's reaction to each mistake is the same, and, likewise, his wife's gentle answer repeats, the repetition helps children quickly succeed in reading it for themselves. The illustrations are colorful, and the drawings are cartoonish but relatable. For example, Morning Man's hairstyle is modern and one that many children are sporting nowadays.

In the end, Major Grumpy Morning Man's wife tells him that he is stressing her out and gently tells him that he needs to get himself under control, solve his own problems, and get himself off to work on time. This is the perfect message for every child that has a hard time getting ready in the morning. The book is funny, adorable, original, and creative. If you are at a loss as to what to buy an early elementary teacher as a classroom gift, one might consider adding a copy or two of this one to her class library.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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