Make a Difference
by Steve Schippel
Trafford Publishing

"You have to be determined not to fail and go backwards after you worked so hard to get where you are."

Schippel offers practical wisdom in this slim and highly readable volume. If you want to make a difference, you must begin with what he calls a "Burning Desire." He identifies this desire as the moment when you “sense a powerful feeling inside of you which SCREAMS that you need to accomplish a goal.” This need to complete a goal acts as the necessary cornerstone around which all of your efforts will be centered.

From here, Schippel outlines the necessary skills, characteristics, and simple truths that need to be followed to see your goal through to the end. First and foremost, it is imperative that you not only have a burning desire, but that you actually believe you can accomplish your dream. Without that belief, nothing will ever come of wanting something. This is something you must find for yourself; no one can give it to you. But once you have that belief, everything else can be worked out.

Other suggestions include timeless examples of ways to succeed in life and business, but it is his easy manner and matter of fact outlook that are most effective. He takes years of experience of doing precisely what he is preaching and delivers it in a concise and accessible manner. The accessibility assures that this book has something for everyone. Both his insight and inspiration easily translate from the page to your life or the life of someone in which you hope to make a difference. The friendly but no-nonsense tone of the book, creates an enjoyable and useful guide for those looking for ways to accomplish more with their time.

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