Making Your Goals First Class

by Ervin Goode
Trafford Publishing

"From my perspective, one of the hardest ingredients when following through is to train yourself to be disciplined enough to ignore the things that don't matter and always pursue the things that do."

A simple but effective guide to pursuing one's goals, Ervin Goode's small volume illustrates the process of fulfilling your dreams through clear and practical advice. A mere 33 pages which the author states took years to write, Making Your Goals First Class is packed full of the author's obvious care, sincere generosity, and accumulated wisdom.

From the first page of the introduction to the last page of the final chapter, Goode uses the metaphor of a plane taking off from a runway and soaring through the air until it successfully lands at its destination as a metaphor for reaching one's goal. "As I come to the ending of this book about success principles, I liken it to the pilot making the announcement that we have permission to land." The metaphor is useful in tying the author's thoughts together about how to actively achieve the desired results.

In order to reach a goal, Goode suggests five basic principles: focus, faith, flexibility, follow through, and to have fun. One must first learn to focus on the right destination and to do that one must know their destination. Once the right focus is achieved, one must have faith and stay committed to his or her goal. However, flexibility is required as often adapting to life's circumstances is necessary to finish what one has started. The fourth principle may be the most important, follow through. In order to be successful and see a task to its end one must have a unique character, commitment, action, and discipline, which Goode further defines in this crucial chapter. And finally, it is necessary that through out the entire process of going after a goal, that one maintain an attitude of fun in order to keep negative thoughts and voices at bay. With these five principles, carefully organized within its own chapter, success with any dream is possible.

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