Making Your Goals First Class: Five Principals
You Need to Know To Succeed at Your Goals
by Ervin Goode Trafford Publishing

"When it seems like your dreams and goals are slipping away, it's important to not give up. Keep pressing on."

Goode's advice, based on his personal experiences, on how to achieve success in life and in one’s career is clearly explain in Making Your Goals First Class. Although it is a slim volume—about 50 pages—it encapsulates several significant insights into the nature of goal-setting and how to move from goals to successful execution. Goode likens success in life to the trajectory of an airplane. As in life, he says, a plane's takeoff is about "having the mental awareness to spring forward to grasp the opportunities that suddenly appear... ."

This book offers some good guidance and motivation in an easy-to-read format. As good as the advice is, the book suffers from weak proofreading, including a typo in the subtitle. The author's five principles of success are: (1) focus on the right destination (i.e. have a clear goal in mind, based on your capabilities, interests and inclinations); (2) maintain faith in your ability to reach your goals; (3) exhibit flexibility (i.e. "the wisdom to change if you need to," and be able to adapt to sudden change and "find new ways to overcome your adversity"); (4) be good at following-through, despite setbacks and disappointments; and (5) have fun in working toward your goals, which will give you sufficient enthusiasm to carry on. Of these five principles, Goode believes that follow-through is likely the most important, because it is the aspect that will either "make or break" your effort to reach your goals.

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