Map of the Spirit: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spirit
by Michael F. Cantwell, MD, MPH
Hillhaven Press

"Map of the Spirit addresses our lack of a universal framework of human spiritual development."

Answering the three question above is the heart and soul of this spiritual book. We learn about finding the balance between seeking our spirituality and resistance to this, examining the four stages of spiritual development, diagnosing the spirit and finding our personal spiritual preferences and spiritual typing. The teachings then include four ways of treating the spirit: prioritizing, choosing spiritual interventions that include the balance of seeking and resistance, the stage of spiritual development, and finally the implementation and assessing stages. The types of intelligence, a graph from H. Gardner's, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, is also included. It concludes with the questionnaire used to assess the three questions and a glossary that defines various spiritual terms.

This book should be added to any spiritual seeker's library, especially those on a beginning path, as it offers a unique look and valuable techniques in the search for mind/body/spirit healing. The layout of the book and the questionnaire, along with personalized stories of people in various levels of development and healing, provides an easy, step-by-step manner for spiritual growth. Although this is a basic look at development, it offers much insight into healing from disease and further examines one's level of spiritual satisfaction. The only problem with the book is the author's denigration of Ken Wilber's incredible work; Cantwell's book is not in the same league of profundity. But if you can focus on the information and techniques it provides, Map of the Spirit can offer delightful teachings on your journey.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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