The Maps of Seven and the Trinket of Iris
by Eli Reed
Trafford Publishing

"The young mermen stayed close on her flipper as she maneuvered from left to right to lose the large fishes that pursued. The sharks were quick, and there swam four of them..."

The story follows Klever, a young boy, on a perilous journey to deliver an important serum to the distant City of Oralia. Klever is accompanied by three warlukites, strong, wolf-like creatures, who offer him protection and guidance, so that he can arrive safely with the serum, since the fate of his world depends on him alone. Also desiring the serum is a dark witch, Gwyniah, along with a corrupt king, who are following Klever and his companions. The dark witch will do anything to lay her hands on it. Acquiring the Maps of Seven from a helpful Elder, Klever finds the path to the stronghold of King Saules of Unatah, who gives him a magical Trinket of Iris to aid him in times of need. Also helping him from afar is his sister Orri, a powerful Oracle, who tries to keep her brother safe from the witch and her dark spells.

This is a continuation Reed's Consortium series. The story is well-written, and the pacing keeps readers glued to the page. The main character is fleshed out well, as are the minor characters. In general this book is a good representation of the fantasy genre, with sword and sorcery, magical cities and creatures, and the traditional hero's journey. The author's voice is unique and the text moves along at a nice clip so that the reader stays engaged. This is a good book for lovers of fantasy, perilous quests, and otherworldly plots.

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