Marcus Teaches Us
by Eleanor Wint
Trafford Publishing

"He teaches us – One Love, One God, One Aim, One destiny for us all."

Marcus Teaches Us is a children's book that is both educational and entertaining. A perfect set up for children between the ages of three and eight, it provides vivid imagery and an easily digestible history lesson on Marcus Garvey and national pride. The book starts with questions that engage the child to discuss personal attributes. Interspersed throughout these pages are coloring activities, a quick world geography lesson, and person recognition matching activities with black icons both past and present. The story covers the background of Garvey, his ties to Jamaica, and some of most widely held beliefs, watered down for comprehension by burgeoning minds, in one sentence pages with large cursive script.

Wint does a wonderful job of educating children through simple prose and play. Marcus Teaches Us provides parents with a wonderful way to give their children an introductory junket into the world of Africa, Jamaican, and African-American history. A book best read together, Wint also provides prompts that provide parents with the opportunity to take the discussion into African history a bit deeper. This is a book is consummate introductory material for parents wishing to teach their young children about Marcus Garvey and his black pride message.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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