"Tien wielded the dart rope in such a deceptive and lethal way that it was clear the Yuan warrior would not last very long."

Within the Central Kingdom, there is a group known as the warrior circle, comprised of martial artists in seven distinct schools and four families. In times past, these groups of warriors have had to combine their forces to combat their enemies to the west, the Yuan. Forty years have passed since the last war, and peace has largely reigned aside from small conflicts. One such conflict involved a mining colony in the faraway City of Rocks. When the village guardian Loorea was usurped, her lone child Burnu was smuggled out by Nin and Jung, loyal allies of Loorea. In order to save Burnu’s life, he was given a special pill that granted him immense control of his chi but also the potential to violently die in the wake of such energy. His journey to master martial arts and his own inner power will take him across the entire Central Kingdom.

Drawing from the rich history of kung fu movies and definitely inspired by the history and culture of Chinese, Tibetan, and other Asian cultures, this book is a dream for fans of masterful fighting and honorable combat. Each of the groups of martial artists carries their own style and teachings for Burnu to draw from, and when these groups spar or collide in battle, the evocative language and distinct approaches contrast brilliantly. It does not take an existing appreciation of the kung fu genre to enjoy this story, only to identify the inspirations that drive the direction of the story and the behaviors of its characters. Like any martial arts story, there is a significant balance to the peaceful characters and the violently artistic combat they engage in. This book excels in bringing each of those aspects to life and should be a delightful series to follow as it continues.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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