Mediums Guild
by Lee Fishman
TransMedia Publishing Group

"At the bottom of the page was a rough sketch of something cylinder shaped but I didn't remember drawing that."

Margo Felshur is desperately trying to keep her life together. She and her husband recently separated, and she is left scrambling to support her children with a job that is tanking in a slow economy. As a part-time gig, Margo belongs to a organization of women with psychic powers called the Mediums Guild. She collects tips at events telling people's fortunes via tarot cards and palm readings. Despite her innate ability to forecast the future and understand the past lives of the people who pay her, she is ignorant of the events that are about to shape her own future when she aids a man searching for his missing sister, now considered a cold case by the police.

Her help in breaking the case of the missing sister skyrockets Margo and her guild to instant stardom. Unfortunately for Margo, this has also garnered the attention of a secretive corporation that utilizes the abilities of psychics to certain unknown advantages—and they want Margo to work for them. She doesn't need her psychic powers to feel uncomfortable about working for the corporation, but she's in desperate straits and has a family to think about. The tip jar at a tarot table only gets so full. If only she could predict her own future.

The author paints a vivid picture of a single mother trying to support her family during difficult times. Margo is a likeable, believable protagonist to whom readers can relate. She is confused and doesn't know what to do with her instant fame. She doesn't always have the answers and struggles to make the right decisions for herself, her guild, and her family. Mediums Guild is a suspenseful, quick, and entertaining read, as Margo gets wrapped up in a secretive organization that wants to exploits her powers.

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