Medusa's Lair: A Chic Sparks—Fish House Gang Novel
by Kenneth L. Funderburk
Archway Publishing

"Myra’s concern came from her mouth like a flicking snake’s tongue, searching for small prey."

This novel is a sequel to Funderburk’s The Fish House Gang. It continues the exploits of Chic, a clinical psychologist who often helps authorities with his own personal brand of detective work and lethal capabilities. Also returning from the first book is Chic’s main squeeze, Suzy, who like Chic, is still on some very bad dudes’ radar for causing havoc with their drug selling and money laundering. Realizing that he and Suzy are still seen as loose ends and unfinished business to these purveyors of evil, Chic sets out to close the books on these bad guys before they have the opportunity to silence both him and Suzy forever.

New characters are added to the cast from the novel that preceded this one. Foremost among these is a vixen that hides a secret life of sin and depravity under the guise of a wholesome occupation. She will prove to be a ruthless foe who will stop at nothing to foil Chic and keep her lascivious lifestyle humming.

Funderburk is an engaging storyteller who paces his story well while still managing to include interesting detail. His knowledge of boating is extensive, and he uses it to advantage as he creates suspenseful scenes on and around the water. His dialogue can be overly florid at times, and while he doesn’t shy away from the more lurid aspects one finds in crime dramas, he does include much more respect for religion than is usually the case in books such as this. He also constructs an ending to this particular novel that definitely leads one to believe there is more in store for both Chic and his adversaries.

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