Memories Live Here
by Marc Sheinbaum

"Josh had met many political leaders in his years at the Defense Department and he knew Andre was right. Fewer and fewer had any sense of history."

In this fast-paced fusion of soft science fiction and family drama, Sheinbaum explores the lives of three estranged brothers who are forced together after their mother's death. Josh Brodsky is a workaholic at a prestigious Silicon Valley company that seeks to bring the dead back to life through artificial intelligence (AI). Meanwhile, his two brothers, Louie and Donny, both have their own problems. The former is a gambling addict, and the latter is an entrepreneur that continues to fail whenever he tries to start a business.

Though they each live their own lives and have their own tribulations, their mother's death brings out a string of events that just might lead them to the truth about their father's death and more. Amid work complications and family quarrels, Sheinbaum explores the question of "If the dead could speak, what would they say?" and delivers a rather intriguing premise and plot. AI might just be the answer to their problems.

There is rarely a dull moment within the almost 300 pages of the book. Not only is the concept behind the technology interesting, but so too is the bit of mystery that ties everything together within the last one hundred pages. And though it may be hard to sympathize with the brothers at times because they are each flawed, they are expertly developed as chapters switch between their three third-person points of view. Most of all, the novel is well written and proof of Sheinbaum's talent in storytelling. In short, this tale is well worth the read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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