"And the way he stood became a part of the loving man that he was. He was truly a man of God who always cared for God's people."

Some pastors simply preach the word of God; others embody it. What becomes abundantly clear in the author's book is that in her eyes as well as in the eyes of the many others who offer their thoughts on the man, Robert A. Baggett, Sr., was of the latter type. In a book that is part testimonial but mostly rich with solid, biblical teaching, the author presents not so much the details of her subject's life but more of the depth of thought and spiritual wisdom that guided him in his ministry.

The book begins with brief glimpses penned by his wife and parishioners of the church elder who would eventually take on not only the mantel of Suffragan Bishop but more intimately "Dad," whether those using the term were his biological children or not. Then, to illustrate the point that what Baggett had to offer the world was of an eternal nature, she shifts the focus to sermon excerpts, Bible class notes, and weekly meditations primarily culled from what she recorded from those sessions in her keepsake journals. Elder Baggett's thoughts are not the only ones she includes, however. She augments his teachings with those from three other church leaders, as well.

Love paints a vivid picture of a pastor with the mindset of a faithful shepherd. Her book also strives to reveal the heart of the man who welcomed her into his family after her mother died. By primarily focusing on what he taught and believed in so strongly, she succeeds.

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