Mental Illness Heal Yourself
by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.
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"If you are a mentally ill person, then you are the person who needs to understand what I say here."

Anyone dealing with their own mental illness has three options: 1. Stay as you are; 2. Expect someone else to heal you; 3. Take charge and heal yourself. The author spent eight years living with options 1 and 2. Negative thoughts resulted in her contemplating suicide. Once she chose option 3, it took only eight months to regain complete sanity. Harris’ mother had taught that loving oneself was wrong. Instead, speaking aloud positive affirmations of love was the technique the author used to turn the tide. This method can be of special use to quiet tormenting voices inside one’s head, even other personalities/demons, which speak blame and self-hatred. Within the mental stillness that will result, a mentally ill person becomes able to shift energy toward healing.

Harris is a gifted spiritual teacher and shaman who has helped those with depression, alcoholism, mental illness, and glaucoma (stress-related eye disease). After the death of a son, Harris spent eight years trying to deal with her mental illness that resulted. Then a friend told her, “you are always in control of your own mind.” This brought the first ray of hope and started Harris speaking self-praise continually. According to the author, negative thoughts, like piranha fish, eat at one’s mind. As she so positively describes in her 60-page self-help book, stating the opposite of what one once believed can free troubled minds. This book could serve as a much-needed boost for those struggling with negativity, and many readers may benefit from the lists of affirming statements Harris includes in the book.

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