Middle East Quicksand: Espionage, Passion, & Love During the Crisis
by Robert Thomas Fertig
LitFire Publishing, LLC

"Everybody lies,” he said. “You must inquire, question, scrutinize everything. It’s not what people say – it’s what they do that really counts!"

At forty-five, Vincent Renaldo is questioning everything about his life. With his children away at college, a growing distance developing in his marital relationship, and a dead-end corporate job, he feels as if he’s drowning in mundane minutiae. When he’s offered a new position at the smaller firm Computer Techniques and Systems, he decides to accept. Though he learns much in his new position, it isn’t the lucrative proposition he expected. Vincent soon finds himself in search of other prospects. Thus, begins his introduction into the world of foreign intrigue and dangerous espionage. Vincent becomes entangled with the seductive Eve in Monaco, and his life becomes as complicated as the world events exploding around him. As factions in the Middle East are beginning to grow heated, Vincent finds himself embroiled in a world of dubious characters and uncertainties. Will he ever escape the dangers and find his way back to the life he once knew?

Though at times there are inconsistencies within the book’s narrative voice, Fertig has written a compelling tale of a man’s struggle with both inner and outer crises. His protagonist searches for happiness and love, yet finds himself troubled, even when it seems he has found both. The author’s inclusion of historical information appears throughout the book, giving the reader an in-depth background for the narrative. This information is essential for understanding the world events presented in separate chapters, while the inclusion of these events complements the narrative. This novel’s many plot twists along with its honest look at the protagonist’s struggle with his life choices and his desire to become a better man make for an intriguing read.

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