"If you give a woman the princess treatment – then expect her to behave like a princess."

According to the book, the goal of most women is to be in a relationship, preferably with a “bad boy” who adores her enough to change. Inspired by feminists, the independent woman settles for a weak man who caters to her, but whom she can’t respect. The ultimate feminist goal is to gain support for their agenda from 50% of all men. To do so, feminists advocate that women use distancing tactics, including the threat of abortion. Since their source of money to march and promote their cause comes from abortions, men are allowed little say.

The author also explains how bullying can be used to end relationships. The man knows never to strike a woman. However, she believes it acceptable to provoke him, even physically, since a good man just walks away. No man will play with lopsided rules forever. He’ll walk away, but with Rhett Butler’s attitude: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Who is the abuser in such failed relationships? Is the woman a victim or the perpetrator who lost the fight? Lewis states that society has “to stop applying the law of political correctness (which is preferential treatment) and start applying the law of cause and effect (which is equality).”

Lewis bravely attacks a current issue where most men fear to tread. He covers his topic head-on and challenges buzzwords and trends, including the feminist agenda, penis envy, bullying tactics, abusers, and Me Too. He makes valid points, but typos and repetition due to incorporating several resources may distract some readers. However, Lewis conducted a great deal of research to craft his book, questioning thousands of women to draw his conclusions. His book also includes some potentially useful resources, such as questions to evaluate relationships and the encouragement to record a thirty-day progress evaluation.

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