Minky the Bibble
by Laurie Calford

"The Bibble woke up
at the first sign of light,
welcoming the sun after his
bumpy night flight."

The story begins with a cute rhyme about Minky, who is bumped off a truck and finds himself alone. This situation is unusual for a Bibble, as Bibbles are pack animals. He is enjoying the new scenery, but he's already homesick. The book then switches to talk about Jack, a young boy who loves to fish. When he goes to his favorite fishing spot, he finds the Bibble. He gives him a fish and later takes him home and hides him. But the Bibble is discovered by Jack's sister's cat, who becomes angry, especially after the Bibble lets out a noxious smell. Jack tells his sister about Minky, and they vow to keep him a secret. They dress him in different outfits, which Minky doesn't enjoy, but he loves the companionship. Minky and Jack decide to be best friends forever. But in the end, just what is that popcorn smell?

Accompanied by the author's cute illustrations, this sweet story tells of the love of nature and all its beings, including the unusual Bibble. Minky is made up of parts that look like various other animals. The scenery is idyllic, and the Bibble is an adorable animal with defenses to keep him safe, just like other animals. The descriptions and art combine for a fun tale. The abrupt changes from rhyming to dialogue distract at times from the narrative, and some additional editing would enhance the book's effectiveness. Overall, though, the book has a creative storyline. It is also a teaching story about pets, family, and the importance of love and friendship with a beloved animal.

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