Miracles Allotted to Chris
by Christopher Dumais

"Sitting on the edge of my bed, I realized God heard my prayers all five times. It just took me five times to get it."

The author of this Christian-themed memoir attributes to Jesus many remarkable happenings in his life. The first major shift occurred when he was suffering from a leg injury and addicted to drugs. Five times he held a gun to his head, pleading with Jesus to save him from Hell as he squeezed the trigger. Later he understood that God had saved him and was directing him to read a water-soaked Bible, which he still possesses. His leg would heal completely immediately after he decided, based on a heaven-sent message, to abandon a lawsuit against those that caused the injury. His life was saved again when, as he prayed for rescue, a charging guard dog simply stopped and lay down. Prayers for a church sister assisted in her recovery from illness. A message from God exonerated him from a frivolous jail sentence. And several times in his profession as a welder, he performed near-impossible feats despite physical deficits.

Dumais clearly believes that God has saved him many times—from hard drugs, smoking cigarettes, and the bite of a scorpion. His neatly composed chronicle does not espouse any particular sect or tenets but relies mainly on scriptural proofs and his own faith-based grounding and grasp of God’s mysterious ways. He willingly shares his memories. For example, he was able to patent a divinely inspired invention. He learned, sixteen years after the fact, that someone who heard his Christian witness was converted after he preached in a local taco restaurant. Though his mother was unmoved by his religious breakthrough, she was touched, and remained so, by a poem he composed for her based on his spiritual revelations. His simple, often amusing tales are recommended for open-minded readers and Christian study groups, revealing how all things can work to the good when properly understood.

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