Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness
by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.
GodSpirits United, LLC

"What is going on in your own mind is projecting what you are experiencing in your body and in the world, whether or not you are aware of it."

Through spiritually driven text, the power of our thoughts and their impact on our body is analyzed in this enlightening guide that provides a step-by-step solution to transforming your mental and physical health. A long-time student and practitioner of shamanism and energy healing, the author proficiently details the thought process required to manifest desired outcomes when projecting positivity. By acknowledging that thoughts create experience, the reader is presented an encouraging pathway to reverse thinking by establishing an understanding and love of one’s self. This holistic approach to well-being is skillfully communicated through the author’s willingness to share deeply personal experiences of loss and illness in order to impart the benefits of gaining control of your mind and body with your thinking.

The energy that surrounds words and their ability to both destroy and heal is thoroughly explored in this guide which emphasizes reversing negative patterns through the precise selection of opposite thoughts. According to the author, choosing the exact positive word to incorporate into your thinking is paramount to weakening and abolishing the negative effects that are occurring to the body. Through a systemic practice of instilling positive affirmations as a fundamental element to one’s daily thought process, a greater awareness of self is revealed, and a channel to recovery is illuminated. Biblical scripture is cited throughout the book with thought-provoking examinations of the text by reviewing the meaning of select words and how they can be misinterpreted, allowing for an enhanced perspective on divine guidance. Readers seeking relief from physical or emotional pain, dysfunction, illness or disease, will find an inspirational approach to health and wellness in this contemplative narrative that reinforces the reflection of one’s thoughts and behaviors in order to unveil relief from painful ailments and emotions.

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