Modern Catholic Concerns
by Peter Mazurek

"We should have an understanding of all the major arguments for and against the existence of God so that our persuasion is more substantial . . ."

The objective of this book of nearly 600 pages is to discover the truth about what Catholics believe. It was written by a layperson in hopes of assisting other Catholic laypersons who may be confronting some of the arguments and questions addressed. When dealing with religious issues, arguments from both sides must be considered to meet the needed burden of proof. The author has been faithful to do this throughout the book.

Mazurek begins with classic arguments such as Thomas Aquinas’ "Five Ways" and then proceeds to modern theorists such as Stephen Hawking. To prove his conclusions about the existence of God, the author includes sample, classic arguments such as why salmon migrate to spawn, the Big Bang Theory, and the nature of God. The section on the divinity of Christ considers the miracles he is claimed to have performed, including water made into wine and three people resurrected from the dead. Catholics believe in an immortal soul. This belief has triggered renewed interest in paranormal phenomena, such as ghosts and poltergeists. Modern issues not covered within scripture include euthanasia, terrorism, cults, and sexual abuse.

Mazurek presents compelling arguments and rebuttals for and against discussions by well-known Catholic apologists. Within the text, the author skillfully defines terms, such as what is dogma, hypothesis versus theory, the chain of events, the existence of miracles, and proof. For example, logical arguments may present compelling proof, while evidence can provide proof without a reasonable doubt. Since terms must be understood by those on either side of a debate, a glossary would have been a nice addition. The author has included, though, a useful fifteen-page outline of the Catholic catechism. Readers of this book can be sure of receiving honest answers to any concerns regarding Catholic dogma.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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