Moments in Time: A Collection of Poems
by Fred Lewis
Access Media

"It takes a lot of nails and boards
To make a house that is the Lord’s."

In a brief introductory passage, poet Lewis recalls writing her first poem as a child. She attributes her talent to God, many of her poems carrying a spiritual theme. Some are whimsical, as in the “Happy Anniversary” celebration of one week of marriage, or a humorous description of “The Hospital” where the patient can never get any rest because of the staff’s seemingly obtrusive routines. Many are tributes to personal friendships and outreach to family, while some read like love songs. Besides poetry, other creative works include short essays, family missives describing the poet’s journeys with her husband, a recipe, reminiscences of her mother who taught her to wash and reuse “disposable” dishes, and rules for a favorite card game. She offers a tribute to U.S. Marines, colorful quilt and valentine card designs, and tips for new writers including formatting, story construction, and punctuation.

Lewis’s book exudes a gentle yet passionate nature through its design, with roses adorning the upper right and lower left side of each page. Advice is given to those who need to work as caregivers for an invalid family member, suggesting that the book would make a “wonderful gift” for anyone who takes on that role. Indeed, one of the most memorable pieces is “The Experience of Dementia as a Journey,” a lengthy metaphor of a passenger trapped on a train heading for an increasingly confusing, unanticipated destination. The feelings expressed—“I realize now that I will never get off this train”—will touch the heart of any reader who has an association with the complexities and sorrows of dementia. Lewis’s wide-ranging collection paints a portrait of a woman with the soul of a poet, an eye for color and design, and a well-considered intention to help others through her writing skills.

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