Mommy, Tell Me, Why Did You Come Here?
by Silvia Juarez-Marazzo
LitFire Publishing

"Mommy, did you come here because you heard that even the stars could be grabbed with your hands?"

In this endearing children's picture book dedicated to "all immigrant mothers of the world," a young child seeks to learn through a series of questions why his Mommy came to America. The story is told in both English and Spanish and accompanied by cheerful, loving, and childlike artwork. The young boy has an ongoing conversation with Mommy about the various reasons that she chose before his birth to immigrate to the United States. Was it because the child could have a good education and learn English? Did it have something to do with the quality of doctors available? Everyone else in the mother's town back home wanted to come, and, of course, she would not consider staying behind. Here in America, the family could obtain a "warm little house with a yard to run around in," writes author Juarez-Marazzo. Here, the family is free, and there is protection by law enforcement. Here, as well, mommies and daddies can do the same types of jobs.

The author—a therapist and advocate of immigrant issues—has provided in this gem of a picture book a colorful and engaging outlet for parent and child to share in reading together, further sparking conversation and knowledge of personal family histories for those who, like the child and mother in the book, are immigrants to America, the land of opportunity, from Spanish-speaking countries. Likewise, for young children who do not fall into that category, the lessons imparted by Juarez-Marazzo's charming book are equally important. They can benefit all little boys and girls and their families. The unbreakable bonds of love between the child and his mom shine on every page in this upbeat, precious picture book, shedding light on a timely and important set of issues for the nation.

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